So, who is Osho?

He has been called many things by many people. And since his death he has become a national icon in India. Some have suggested Osho is the late pioneer of the science of consciousness, who has created a methodology for people to discover themselves. Others have said “His greatness was that he didn't give solutions, only tools for people to realize themselves.…”

That, I feel, sums up rather nicely the direction of Osho’s work.

His books cover every topic known to man, and some that weren’t known, and he has been called one of the intellectual giants of the 21st century. But regardless of which subject he is discussing, his basic insistence, his main message, is that every person has the potential to rise above the constraints of their mind to experience a higher consciousness, or if you like, to have an awareness of their authentic reality, rather than the identity they have been given by society. And he says that the way to do so is meditation.